Download Whatsapp Plus for Android

Download Whatsapp Plus for Android

Here in this era, everyone is knowing about the social apps and their use but some of the apps don’t give us full access to their services i.e. we can’t send any format of file big sized videos and much more. Everyone might be using the social cum instant messaging app i.e. Whatsapp Messenger as this app allows us to talk to anyone in our contact by text audio and more over a video chat.
 WhatsApp Plus for Android

As coming to Whatsapp Plus it is the modified version of the Whatsapp i.e. Whatsapp plus contains such features that the Whatsapp messenger was lagging with, now we can send any type of file i.e. doc, pdf, and now sending big videos can be sent no need of converting them now into smaller size and losing the clarity.

App Information

App name
WhatsApp plus
Last update
21st August 2017
Android 4.0 and above.
Instant Messaging app

Salient Features of WhatsApp plus

  1. Great features that the Whatsapp messenger was lagging.
  2. You can hide blue ticks, even if you see the chats or read it.
  3. Now you can hide your second tick but you can have a delay in receiving the message now.
  4. You can hide the typing status from the person you are talking to.
  5. You can hide your online status.
  6. You can change the font color of your chats and groups.
  7. Set any theme there is a variety of themes in Whatsapp PLUS just install and enjoy.
  8. You can disable all the voice calls.
  9. You can customize the theme of Whatsapp the way you want.
  10. Now use 3 accounts in your phone together.
  11. Now send big files up to 50 MB without any issue.
  12. Also, change the icon of the Whatsapp Plus.
  13. Change the designs and color of the ticks there are much variety of ticks.
  14. Send high-resolution pictures without any loss in clarity of the image and with the same pixel density.
  15. If anyone contacts come online on Whatsapp plus you will get the notification.
  16. You can customize this notification.
  17. You can send any format of the file.
  18. You can hide the recording audio status when you record an audio and the blue mic even after you listen the audio.

Download and install Whatsapp plus

Note: turn on your unknown sources option to install Whatsapp plus.
  1. As this app is the moded and modified version so it is not available on Google Play Store.
  2. Go to your phone’s browser and search Whatsapp plus download or WhatsApp plus for Android.
  3. You get the results download the app from any of the sites.
  4. Now firstly take the backup of your previous chats to save them.
  5. Uninstall the Whatsapp app before installing Whatsapp Plus.
  6. Install WhatsApp plus app you downloaded.
  7. Agree and continue and give the permission to the app to continue.
  8. Enter the number you want to start the Whatsapp with.
  9. Verify the number by OTP.
  10. Restore a backup to restore our chats, videos, and other Medias.
  11. Enter your Name and set your profile picture.
  12. And enjoy chatting with Whatsapp plus.

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