Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android

Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android

Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android
The range of Application is increasing as the days are passing. Now almost everything is possible if you have got a Smartphone which can support various Apps. Though Smartphone world is filled with awesome hacks and tricks which are no less than wonderful. A new kind of hack is very popular right now from which you can trace details of a particular person by the phone number. Details like the person name, operate name, calling location can be easily traced.

Many Applications are available to execute the process which is reliable and very smooth for working, But for all my readers, I would try my best to mention most creditable and trustworthy options. All the Applications mentioned in this post can be easily downloaded from Google Play store. And all the methods which would be mentioned can be only applied in Android Smartphones.

The mobile number tracing is a very interesting concept. You can do and know about lot things, the information which was unreachable for you ever before now will be just a few clicks ago.

The Application which is listed below can be mainly used in Countries like India, UK, US, Australia, Canada etc, they may not work in some countries but because of some issues.

Number Tracking Applications -

Phone number tracking Application are ultimate. Those Applications can easily give you the detailed information about the person you need to have a check on. The Applications are different from each other, each and everyone has different features which can be known in detail on when you Download it and use it once.

1. Truecaller:

 TrueCaller App
The one and only Dialer App which just doesn't find only the information of numbers but it also has the features like blocking unwanted calls. It directly finds the information of the number when someone calls with an unknown number. It has a trust of over 200 million+ users, and we can't ignore this fact. You just need to "sign up" with your phone number, and that's it.

True Software Scandinavia has developed this App and it is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play store.

Features -

  • Power to block unwanted and spam calls.
  • Make calls directly from the App.
  • Just copy the phone number from anywhere, and it will directly show you the information.
  • It has just the launched the feature called "Call me Back".

2. Glympse:

 Glympse, the easiest App to share your mobile number location with your loved one in real time. This App earn with Ads, so you don't have to pay a single penny in order to use this App. The only thing you need to do is download this App on your Android smartphone and share it to those with whom you want to share your location details. This App is very useful when you are stuck somewhere, and you need help from your friends or family.

It provides an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to your boss or client when you are stuck in traffic. This App is developed by Glympse social, and it is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play store.

Features -

  • No need of sign up or an account to use this App.
  • Share your real-time location with a 3D satellite map.
  • The one with whom you are sharing your location doesn't need to download the App.
  • Doesn't matters where you are, it will share your location with your loved ones.

3. Family Locater - GPS Tracker:

 Family Locator - GPS Tracker
Family Locater (formerly known as GPS Tracking life 360) works same like Glympse, but it has some better features compare to it. You can use even this App's services if you have an old smartphone by accessing it's Family Location website. Get your family members location at your smartphone and make your life hassle free. You can even get your girlfriend's location.

This App is developed by Life 360 and it is rated 4.4 stars on Google Play store.

Features -

  • Track your stolen smartphones within few clicks.
  • Create a group of your friends, family members or whomever you love and get their location for free.
  • Gives you a notification when your group member comes near you, just like Facebook Nearby. 
  • It also supports iOS platform, and its supports Android 4.0 and up.
  • Gives ETA of your group member.

4. Wheres My Droid:

Wheres My Droid
The last but not least, this was the first find Android phone App with tremendous features to track your lost or stolen Android smartphone easily. The premium version of this App also works as spying App offers features like Auto theft detection, location history, view contacts and call log and real-time location details. Easily track the Android phone with just a text message with the commander feature of the Apps.

This App is developed by Alienman Technologies LLC and it is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play store.

Features -

  • Stealth Mode - hides incoming text messages.
  • It consumes very less battery.
  • You can hide the App icon from the drawer in the Victim phone.
  • Location history.

Conclusion -

If you search the term "mobile tracking Apps" on Google Play store you will get lots of results, but most of them are fake and did not work properly, that was the reason behind this post. I tried these 4 Apps, and I liked them because of their features and user interface. If you are facing any problems with these Apps, then let us know your feedback via comments. Keep visiting our site for more tech posts :)

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