Top 5 Hill Climb Racing 2 Alternative Games for Android

Top 5 Hill Climb Racing 2 Alternative Games for Android

Top 5 Hill Climb Racing 2 Alternative Games for Android
Gamers, Hill Climb Racing 2 is one of the most popular games which have Hill climb racing 2 special version too. BUT how many day or months or years can you play it? Of course not long. And you might be looking for some best similar games like Hill Climb Racing 2 Game That is why we have brought up the Best Hill Climb Racing 2 Alternative Games so that you can enjoy the same by alternating the games after a period of time.

Games like Hill Climb Racing or other hill racing games are most popular among the gamers, thus we have a list up some of the most popular Hill Racing games as well as others for you. So read the article and click the downloading links mentioned below.

Best Hill Climb Racing 2 Alternative Games

There are many games that are equally exciting and amazing for the users which give the best gaming experience of their kind. Here you will get to know about such games.

Blocky Roads

Blocky Roads Game
From the name, you may get an idea about the game i.e. to go through block roads, and the roads are blocked with sand dunes in deserts, slippery roads on snowy mountains, hilly area, etc. Getting excited? Wait; there is a lot to come. All the Blocky Roads you should go through with a car by collecting your properties.

Now the features of the game will amaze you for sure because it is built with various features like 3D racing with different types of blocks, 12 different track, 9 vehicles like truck, bike, giant car, tank, etc, customizable characters and car editor which allows the users to design and paint their cars as per their choice.

Speedy Bike Stunts: Hill Race

Speedy Bike Stunts
Those who love bike racing the most Speedy Bike Stunts is the best choice for you because it will give the best racing experience you have ever had in other bike racing games. The features and tools of this game are meant for the complete satisfaction of the player.

It has different types of bikes, exciting tracks with obstacles, many amazing stunts and jumps all the way around. The control panel is equipped with all the required tools which are a need for bike racing. That’s the reason that has made Speedy Bike Stunts one of the best Hill Racing games. Millions of users have chosen it and liked it also.

Rails and Metal

Rails and Metal
A fun game designed and developed for all age groups is Rails and Metal where the player should run the train off the track and deliver goods to specified destinations and get gold as rewards. It is full of fun that is why millions of gamers have downloaded it on their smartphones.

The most interesting thing is its features which include 6 different engines with variant whistles, 30 different trains to choose from, exciting reward winning option on completion of targets, real like graphics and locomotion of train, and lots more. The best thing about Rails and Metal is that even kids can play the game. But beware, it is too addictive.

Dillo Hills 2: Roid Racing 

Dillo Hills 2 Game

Dillo Hills 2 is cross-platform multiplayer gaming software which allows users from different platforms like Android, iOS, etc. to play along with friends and others from all around the world. It allows 8 players at a time. Isn’t it great? The main purpose of the game is to race with your partners by sliding, swimming, surfing, etc and getting rewards for completing the target.
Apart from these, other features like leaderboards according to your performance, 10 levels, 24 characters, 215 accessories, 65 achievements, 9 power gaining options and lots more are designed for you to enjoy a great time full of fun with friends and others. So just click the link and download. iOS users can download the game from iTunes.

Dragon, Fly! Free

DragonFly Free Game
DragonFly is all about a newborn dragon that has tiny pairs of wings but wants to fly and roams around but the mother dragon tries to resist the baby dragon. The journey of the baby dragon is full of excitements because there you will get amazing sceneries of mountain, wander lands, sky, and lots more.

The game is equipped with many features like the ability to control the movement of the Dragon by one touch, different tasks to get points, different landscapes, and an online leaderboard for worldwide viewers to make the game more exciting among the players.

Games like Hill Climb Racing for PC

If you want to download and install the Hill Climb Racing 2 Alternative games on your PC, you can do this by downloading Android Emulator like Bluestack.Just Download the app from the Official Site of Bluestack and then search the above-mentioned games from bluestack and install.These are the top 5 Hill Climb Racing 2 Alternative Games which you should give a try for once at least and I am sure you will love the games. So download them and have the best gaming experience like Hill Climb Racing 2.

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