Top 10 Best WordPress Themes for Fashion Blogs

10 Best WordPress Themes for Fashion Blogs

So, what does fashion mean to you?

Is it decking out in super trendy clothes and dressing for the nines?

Are fashion brands what get your engine running?

Or is it just wearing comfortable clothes that look good when put together?

Everyone has their own definition of fashion.
For some people, it is like the air they breathe, while some people don’t even bother with it.
Most of us seek fashion blogs to get fashion advice and that’s where the treasure lies in these blogs. You will find numerous tutorials, tips as well as DIY’s (Do it yourself). Which are not only helpful, but they also make fashion affordable for everyone. They do a great job of helping all those helpless slobs and turn them into well-dressed individuals. That’s only possible for the people who make effort to keep up with fashion.

Fashion is not just a hobby for some but it's their passion as well as livelihood. So, if you are a fashion blogger or even a budding fashion blogger, these themes will certainly help you.
On that note, coming back to the topic at hand, we have brought you some of the best WordPress themes. They are perfect for the fashionistas, whose life revolves around their fashion.
P.S. It’s very important to grab right WordPress hosting to ensure your site is fast and always up.

10 Best WordPress Themes For Fashion Blogs:

Our first theme is Fashy, it fits the description of an ideal fashion blog theme. Well, how do you define an ideal fashion blog theme?  It’s simple, a theme that not only showcases all the blog posts in the best possible manner. It helps bring more traffic to your site.

Fashy gives you the essential grid plugin, which in turn presents you with various customization option to make your fashion blog stand out amongst the other’s out there.

 A responsive and retina ready theme that will up your followers as the theme will work on phones and tablets as well.

Not only that you will also get experience Slider revolution. With it, you can add more magic to your blog.

Fast loading and Seo optimization are two other, to die for features. People tend to get bored and close your blog if it doesn't load quickly so fast loading is a must if you are interested in creating a long-lasting web presence. As the theme is SEO optimised you need not worry about the ranking of your blog.

Click here for more details.

The name of this theme is quite suitable and you will agree once you take a look at the demo or see the theme in action. It is quite alluring.

The best thing WordPress has done for everyone is giving us all a way to create websites and blogs; even though, a very few of use have coding knowledge.

Allure comes with a long list of features that will prove effective and helpful in customization of your blog. You can add your personal touches to this theme and make it stand out even more.

The best part of this theme is a very powerful admin panel. You can even get the Visual composer if you desire at price of $ 34. With this drag and drop plugin, you will have your fashion website or blog ready in no time.
You get a brilliantly designed and stylish collection of homepages to make your website alluring to the visitors, most of who might be potential followers.
Click here for more details.

Things just got interesting people, this website is compatible with WPML and visual composer both. With WPML you can reach a wide range of potential followers and visual composer will make your work even more easy and fun.

Worrying about your website or blog configuration is not going to be an issue for long, the WP Customizer will ensure that you have your blog configured as per your requirements.
Adding your Instagram feed will make your blog a lot more approachable and real to the visitors who are interested in a genuine fashion blog.

Have to tell you, Swiper Slider is one addictive plugin. It makes swiping fun. It is best suited for mobile-oriented websites or blogs. Or the blogs that want to target a client base of mobile users. Apart from that, you will faster-loading speed and a responsive blog.

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If fashion is not just your passion but also your livelihood then Hazel will be a perfect fit for you. It is compatible with the Woocommerce plugin which will help you set up shop if you are inclined to do so.

Carousel slider plugin will help you create a video, image or a post carousel. It will definitely make your site attractive to look at. Once you capture the attention of your visitors with the design of your blog, you can then dazzle them with your content.

SEO optimized theme that will get you a lot of traffic and a decent rank on the search engines like Google.

WPML plugin compatibility will help you with the same goal, which is getting as many people to your website or blog. It is a multilingual plugin that helps translate your website/blog.
AJAX page transitions will make updating your blog content, a lot more simple for you. It even has four different animations for you to choose from.

Click here for more details.

iBloga is a modern theme that will give your various portfolios. Some of them are for Music, Fashion, and Photo.

Want to showcase your accessories in the best possible manner? Then iBloga will be perfect for you. It has 6 Woocomerce templates that will help you set up an online shop and organize it in an adept manner.

When a customer visits your website he/she will most definitely not want to leave. Smooth animations of iBloga will make the design of the theme much more attractive to the visitor’s eye.
And it is super fast, so say hello to speed. Speed is definitely your friend when it comes to website loading time. It ensures that the visitor sticks around a lot longer and take a look at your merchandise. The themes PHP 7 compatibility will get you the speed.

These are just a few of the top features, apart from these it also presents you with Torbara Support, a fully responsive blog, scroll animation and the list goes on. For more details, you can check out the theme link.

Click here for more details.

For a fashion theme Orchard is surprisingly minimalistic. The design is trendy as well as simple. If you prefer to dazzle your audience with your content rather than with the website design then Orchard might be the theme for you.

Some themes are not designed with subtlety in mind. And sometimes they can be too distracting. Orchard will not distract your visitors from the goal, they will keep them reading or interested in your product. Then you have the much-needed WPML compatibility, which will help you translate and also help your fashion blog/website reach a much bigger range of clients.

Ninja forms will basically do all your work when it comes to building form and tuning them to become what you need. Get more subscribers with MailChimp list signup integration at your side.

Woocommerce will guide you along in your goal to open up shop on your website. You can finally sell all the products, which are probably your own rare blend of fashion accessories or clothes.
Revolution slider and Visual composer will make things easier for you by helping you create an elegant fashion blog/website in no time.

Click here for more details.

18 unique designs, two of which have been specially crafted for fashion. You are just one click away from installing any one of them. Every single design is one of a kind and captivating.

This is one fully loaded theme that you should have at your disposal if you are ready to set the online fashion on fire.  An integrated translation panel will simplify translation for you, 3 Mega menu styles for ease of access, 13 home blog layouts, 5 pagination types, Versatile header styles. That’s just a few of the features NovaBlog has presented us.

With built-in post custom signature, you can add a message or display your signature automatically without any hassle.

Ajax live search will fetch you a list of results as soon as you start typing. Logos are included in the theme package. So, if you don’t have one made yet, good news for you.

With NovaBlog you save $34 on the visual composer. Once you experience the miracle that is the visual composer, you will agree that it is a must-have plugin.

Click here for more details.

Bourz has this classic look to it, that throws you off for a second and when you look at it you will definitely reconsider your design if that was not what you had in your mind.

As most of the themes on this 10 best WordPress theme list, Bourz comes with Woocommerce support which makes setting up a shop like any ordinary task.

Contact for 7 support will help you handle multiple contacts forms as well as customize the form and mail the contents with simple markup in a flexible manner.
If adding customization to your blog or website is your goal then Bourz is the theme for you. Visit this link to get a quick look at the very organized customer Bourz has provided.
3 custom widget that you can place anywhere you need on your blog. It includes an image widget, several post widgets, a recent comment widget, tags/categories widget, ads widget, search widget, social widget and for facebook lovers a separate facebook widget. There’s also an empty space widget that you can add wherever necessary.

There is so much Bourz has to offer, check it out before you just decide that it’s not for you.

Click here for more details.

It comes equipped with a powerful drag and drop page builder that will make creating your blog seem effortless. You will not have to deal with slow loading where Look is concerned it has been optimised for speed and will load your site faster than you can say lightning.

Ruby page composer will lend you a helping hand for building creative layouts for your blog. Advanced theme option makes your blog more customizable by adding more functions to satisfy your potential customers.

Infinite load posts will keep loading posts as you scroll down, which will keep the users satisfied and they will stick to your blog longer than they ordinarily would have.

It is compatible with most of the popular WordPress plugins including woo-commerce, contact form 7, MailChimp, Yoast SEO, All in one SEO, WP super cache, and W3 total cache.

Click here for more details.

Orquidea is a translation ready theme will get you more customers as you will be able to reach more potential subscribers all over the world.

Don’t like having common things with other blog and want your blog to be unique and for it to stand out? Orquidea will not let you down, you can customize so many aspects of your blog with this theme.

There are plenty of shortcodes and widgets to make your blog more interesting and easily accessible to the subscribers or visitors.

Adding to all that you will also get amazing support, have a problem? Ask the support and they will not let you down. Comment, forums, and mail are the ways to contact them.

Click here for more details.

Last on our list is Glossy. It is a theme designed for the ultimate fashion blogger. It has been tailored to all your fashion blog needs.

MailChimp integration, a full-width Instagram footer, contact form support all in the same theme. Other than that you have dual pagination options that will help you out if you want to give fashion blog a classic magazine look.

Social share functionality to get social media crowd who are more potential subscribers to you. Sticky navigations and 404 pages are just a few more features that you will experience with Glossy.

Click here for more details.


These were the 10 best WordPress themes.

You get one more for good luck.

Sure, some of these themes might seem a bit expensive when you get down to it. But they are worth it. These themes will help your fashion blog grow if you already have one.

If you are just starting out it will help you step into the fashion world fully armed. With all these SEO optimized, Woocommerce supported and responsive themes at your disposal, there’s only one way you can go and that’s forward.

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