Top 10 SEO Tips to boost your Facebook post Visibility

Top 10 SEO Tips to boost your Facebook post visibility

Tips to boost your Facebook post visibility
The award for the hottest social media platform in the world right now can rightly be granted to Facebook. Having a wide user base of over 1.94 billion monthly users, Facebook has stretched boundaries when it comes to content marketing. A platform which provides 1.15 billion active mobile users surfing through millions of Facebook posts. It’s easy for your post, no matter how great it is to get lost in a sea of millions of other Facebook posts, pages and profiles.

The word SEO brings a plethora of search engines in mind, with Google occupying the topmost position in the list of search engines. This, however, is a very common and wrong thought. Search Engines are not the only ones who are being connected with ‘SEO’. Facebook in today’s world accounts for one of the largest member powered search in the world. It’s imperative for your posts to be highly optimised for your marketing abilities to render useful.

While optimising your Facebook posts for higher visibility may sound like a pretty daunting task at first. These ten SEO tips will help you reach new heights with increased visibility:

Top 10 SEO tips to boost your Facebook post visibility
#1. Choosing a good Facebook page name is the most ignored, but important step in increasing your page views. Take this as an example-if you have a Travel Agency you would be more inclined to select generic names such as ‘Travel’ or ‘Australia Travel’. While there is nothing wrong in doing that, Facebook’s algorithm will remove pages which have a generic name, thus limiting your audience reach. Being loyal to your Facebook page name is important. Google and other search engines take Facebook’s search results into consideration, and frequent name changes are not seen positively in Google’s search engine.
#2. The ‘About Us’ section of your page is the only section which you can heavily fill with SEO friendly keywords for a sure hit. The only disadvantage of the  ‘About Us’ section is that you will be limited to 250 words this makes choosing the correct words is important.
#3.You should have a steady flow of posts ready at your disposal to be at the top of your search results. Your physical search result mostly consists of social media points that you have gathered over the past 30 days.
#4. Try to post content that is heavily loaded with good keywords and rich links. This will help you rank higher in the social media search results. Incorporating a call to action on your posts will directly translate to better SEO points.
#5.  In addition to making content rich wall posts, make sure you keep incorporating SEO friendly posts and links to your page in your main profile as well. You never know who will stumble upon it while searching for something.
#6. A good fan base will mean a higher ranking in search results.Having a strong organic fan base will ensure your page rises in visibility.

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#7. Often Facebook will provide you with clues regarding its ranking algorithm; the same can be found on the Facebook blog as well. Reading such articles will help you be updated with the changing ranking systems.
#8. Keeping your post privacy open to ‘everyone’ on Facebook will help you reach a wider base of an audience for your posts, thus increasing your page visibility.
#9.  A sure way of increasing your page views and hitting a higher rank on the search engines is to add links to your Facebook page(s) on all your websites. Alternatively, you can also use a Facebook badge to drag traffic from your site to your pages.
#10. Being active and responsive on Facebook goes a long way in helping you rank upwards. The more responsive you are to Fan posts and queries the more viewership your page is going to gather.
Incorporating these tips into your posts will not only benefit you in the long run but will also help transform this amazing platform, increasing its global influence worldwide.


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