An Expert interview about Evernote

An Expert interview about Evernote.


Evernote is an all in one virtual notebook. It is able to store files, snap shots, films, pdf, etc. Evernote is the satisfactory app for productivity.

Evernote gives you the gear you need to maintain your work resultseasily prepared:

• write, accumulate and capture thoughts as searchable notes, notebooks, checklists and to-do lists.
• take notes in a spread of formats, inclusive of: text, sketches, pix, audio, video, pdfs, net clippings and extra.
• use camera seize to easily experiment and touch upon pieces of paper, which include revealed documents, business playing cards, handwriting and sketches.
• attach microsoft office docs, pdfs and images.
• prepare your receipts, payments and invoices.
• use evernote as a digital notepad and clean-to-layout phrase processor for all of your mind as they arrive.

Evernote offers you the capability to sync and touch upon content material across all devices:
• sync the whole thing robotically across any computer, smartphone or pill.
• begin your task working on one device and preserve on any other without ever missing a beat.
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Evernote gives you the equipment to share, talk and collaborate productively with others:

• create, share and talk with the folks that assist get your paintings completed, multi functional app.
• search within pictures and annotate pix to present quick feedback.
• get inspired and brainstorm innovative thoughts along with your crew with the aid of working collaboratively inside the equal documents.

 Features of Evernote :

• make personal checklists to maintain your mind organized.
• set reminders to hold on top of activities and write to-do lists.
• acquire, capture and store every notion you need to stay productive.
• plan activities together with holidays, weddings or parties.

• create agendas, write memos and craft shows.
• annotate documents with feedback and thoughts at some point of team meetings, then share with colleagues.
• get your tasks underway faster and maximize productivity through letting a couple of members get right of entry to and paintings on unique factors alongside each other.

• keep up with lecture notes so you don’t pass over a vital idea.
• clip and spotlight articles from the net for instructional research.
• access and highlight searchable documents.
• plan and collaborate for higher academic institution paintings.
• discuss and annotate notes and drafts.


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