Top 5 Indian Tech channels on YouTube 2017!

Top 5 Indian Tech channels on YouTube 2017!

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And Today we are going to take a look towards India's Top 5 Tech YouTube channels.

#1. Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji has 1.5 million subscribers. This YouTube channel was created on 18 October 2015. The reason behind creating this channel was to make Easy to understand tech videos in Hindi. So, every Indian can learn and understand some aspects of technology.

Name of YouTuber = Gaurav.

#2. Geekyranjit

Geekyranjit has 833,698 subscribers. This YouTube channel was created on 6 January 2011. This YouTube channel provides awesome review videos on Smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc. Geekyranjit provides expert opinion on every new gadget.

Name of YouTuber = Ranjit.

# 3: C4E Tech

C4E Tech has 720,370 subscribers. C4E Tech is a YouTube channel that's focused on smartphones and Android.
C4E Tech makes videos regarding smartphone speed tests, gaming reviews, app reviews, and much more. So, To stay updated on the latest in Android, C4E tech is the right place.

Name of YouTubers = Ash and Sundar.

#4. Techniqued

Techniqued has 83,221 subscribers.
This YouTube channel features reviews, phone unboxings, tutorials, tips, etc...
Techniqued uploads clean and easy to understand videos.

Name of YouTuber: Nirmal

#5. Sharmaji Technical

Sharmaji Technicals has around 400,253 subscribers. This YouTube channel was created on 20 May 2015 by 'Praval Sharma' to provide tech reviews and tech news in Hindi. This YouTube channel aims out to reach those viewers who would like to learn and understand technology in the Hindi language.

Name of YouTuber = Praval Sharma.

Conclusion: Well, these were some of my favorite Indian YouTube channels. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Stay connected with more such updates. 😊


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