What is a drone?

What is a drone? 


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Definition : Drone (unmanned aerial vehicle, uav). 

A drone, in a technological context, is an unmanned plane. Drones are greater formally referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) or unmanned aircraft systems (uases). Essentially, a drone is a flying robotic. The aircrafts can be remotely managed or can fly autonomously through software program-managed flight plans in their embedded systems working along side onboard sensors and GPS.

Drone are of various shapes and exceptional sizes. Some drones can be small or some can be very huge.

In recent times, drones are used in many ways : 

A drone controlled by a man

⚫Photography : Most of the photographers makes use of drone to take pictures from higher altitudes. 

⚫Security : Many government departments like - military makes use of drones as cctv cameras to research and to keep an eye fixed on visitors at public regions. 

⚫Fights and Combats : Big drones are utilized in fighting to drop missiles and bombs at enemy's area.

⚫Film Industry : These days drones play a main role in shooting dynamic movies from higher altitudes.

⚫Gambling 😉 : No longer regularly but sometimes we can use drones to play and experience...

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