Difference between android and ios - a mega battle

Difference between android and ios - a mega battle 

Difference between Android and ios 

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Apple is commonly known for its iPhones. An Apple's iPhones runs on their own operating system called as " iOS ". And as the whole world knows that iPhones are one of the best and most selling devices across all the countries. Most of the celebrities have iPhones as their regular and primary phones. An iPhone costs very much more than other Android phones. Well, iPhone are expensive devices.

Pros of choosing an iPhone :

⚫iPhones are very secure.

⚫iPhones don't hang, lag or freeze during high processing tasks like gaming, editing, etc.

⚫iPhones are durable and can easily last for 5 years of usage.

⚫iPhones have better looks and premium design.

⚫iPhone are trusted and rated first class by most of the experts.

⚫iPhones doesn't contains any preloaded bloatware. Hence, an iPhone is considered as faster than Android phones.

🔥Here are Apple's top 5 best iPhones - Apple iPhone 7 plus, Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 6S, Apple iPhone 6 plus and Apple iPhone SE🔥

So from these mentioned points, we can easily say that an iPhone is a very good phone for every human. But the only big con is that iPhones are expensive! A person from middle class family can hardly manage to get an affordable iPhone.

But what's my opinion?

Well, I would like to prefer an Android phone against an iPhone❗

Now you may be having many questions regarding my weired answer ⁉

Let me tell you that how an Android phone is better than an expensive iPhone 😉...

Here are 5 strange reasons to choose Android phones over iPhones ⬇

▪ Android phones are cheaper. Anyone can get an Android phone below $100 with all the main features.

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▪ Android phones have access to Google play store. Google play store has more number of free apps to download. But on the other hand, I saw that many of the free apps are available as paid apps on iPhones.

▪ Most of the Android phones has dual sim card support. Whereas on iPhones, we can use only one sim.

▪ Android phones are more customizable than iPhones and has ton of amazing features including tools like - IR blaster to control Televisions, Air conditions, etc. An IR blaster feature is still missing on iPhones.

▪ Android phones like Samsung galaxy S8 and S7 has wireless charging. Still iPhones don't have wireless charging feature.

🔥Here are Android's top 5 phones - Samsung galaxy S8, LG G6, Samsung galaxy S7 Edge, OnePlus 3T and Moto Z🔥

🕛Finally the battle is over now🕛

✔ iOS and Android both are same for me 😉.

Please don't misbehave on this article because this article is written to ensure that no operating system or phone is 100% perfect. Each and every phone has some minor issues or lacks. So, choosing a phone with 100% perfection in all the aspects is still a tough job in 2017.


We are forgetting another operations system ⁉

Its Microsoft Windows. Before some years Microsoft bought Nokia and stated making its own phones with Windows OS. Here are some of those - Nokia Lumia 540, Nokia Lumia 950, etc 😅. But the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft was not a good one because it doesn't got success....

FINALLY, Its depends on you that what's best for you. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. You can also share your opinions by comments under my articles on Glanceinfo.

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