Google Lens - All you need to know

Google lens - All you need to know

Google Lens - All you need to know

Google lens is an intelligent camera app which could without a doubt examine, recognize and engage with the information inside your images. Google lens is a set of vision-based totally computing capabilities that allows your smartphone to recognize what's occurring in a image, video or live feed.

Google lens is a clever digital camera app which turns our cellphone's camera into a search engine or an encyclopedia. It's very thrilling to look that now our smartphones may even scan our surroundings and can assist us to recognize numerous things.

Example : you're on a field ride and enjoying with the vegetation and animals. And there you noticed a atypical form of flower. You don't know something approximately that flower, however with the assist of this new app google lens you can fetch information of the odd flower.

Google lens is an app which enables us to research greater approximately our environment and environment effectively. This new app can even recognize the pictures of restaurants, schools, markets, plants, etc.

Google made a huge deal out of google lens at its i/o 2017. 

There also are some clever context-aware editing gear in google lens : at some point of the demo occasion, google showed how its new app ought to digitally do away with the links of a sequence fence to reveal a baseball player status in the back of.


When is the google lens launch date?
Google said its new lens app can be available later this year.

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