About 3D technology - From old to new 3D televisions

About 3D technology - From old to new 3D televisions

About 3D technology
In today’s time everybody can watch movies in 3D using polarized or anaglyph glasses in theaters but  a long-ago before the invention of movies people used to listen to radio for entertainment when there is no one even knows about 3D technology.                  


It all started with photography when Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the stereoscope (a device for viewing three-dimensional images)  after that Canada based Manufacturer Company of stereoscopic photography introduced a camera system that records images. In 1844, David Brewslier improved the design of 3D viewing device followed by that in 1851, at the great exhibition the artist Louis Jules Duboscq took the first 3D picture of Queen Victoria using that camera system and displayed it. The first 3D movie was presented in the audience called L’Arrivee du train by the filmmakers Auguste and Louis Lumiere in 1903, the audiences were thrilled to see that but their reaction were more like panicked because motion pictures appeared to crash into their seats.


In 1915, further improvements in stereoscopy technology made Kinematoscope possible, a device that turns images into a movie. It was first invented by Coleman Sellers II and later it was used to make the first 3D movie using anaglyph filter called “The power of love”. The movie was presented at the premier of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles using the 3D glasses that create the illusion of motion. The movie is made by cameras that records pictures from two different angles and then 3D glasses is used to combine these pictures to create three dimension effects. To do that they uses anaglyphs techniques i.e. two different color filters present in them one is red and another is blue which let audience perceive the three dimensional effects of movie.

Polarized Glasses

In 1936, Edwin land invented the first inexpensive Polaroid filters that are capable of polarizing the light known as Polaroid film. Later in the 1936, “MGM’ Audioscopiks” is the first movie with sound and speech. In 1952, people begin to like the 3D movies so much that a growth in 3D movies occurs and filmmakers start making them in low budget “Bwana devil” is first of the many film to employ this strategy.

In 1960, a new technology was invented called space-vision 3D by Colonel Robert Vincent. It composed of a system that is cheaper, less complicated for recording and projecting films. This system uses two images on single strip, one over the other, in a ratio frame and needed only one projector. This technique eliminate the requirement of dual projector to record 3D movies and the audience can view this movie using polarized glasses and the first movie made by it was “The Bubble”. Later in 1970s a series of films were produce like “Flesh for Frankenstein”, “Jaws and Amityville” and “Wings of Courage” that uses same technique.

In 1990, IMAX 3d theaters began to open for public entertainment. They were the most widely used system for special venue film presentation because they used pop-out screen effect than depth to make movies that let users experience 3D effect in more effective way. They used a 70mm motion picture file format which is first developed by Graeme Ferguson to display featured films. To exhibit movies on theater they have to convert or upgrade it into IMAX format for displaying. Some uses IMAX cinema camera because it increases the image resolution by using larger film frame. The camera can move the film over a speed of 6km/h due to frame speed of camera is three times the theoretical horizontal resolution frame speed. In 1991, Hovertank 3D became the first 3D game to let user experience in depth effects of game while playing. In 2000s, many big studios released movies in 3D like “Spy Kids, “Aliens of the Deep” and “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl”

In 2003, James Cameron’s “Ghosts of the Abyss” become the first movie recorded using Fusion Camera system (a digital movie camera used for stereoscopic 3D) later that same technology is used to made the movie called “Avatar”
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3D television 

3D televisions
In 2010, the first ever 3D channel broadcasted in South Korea, it displayed the shows on education, technology, musical and animated. In the same year, in UK and Europe, live 3D sport channel broadcasted for public. The three dimension televisions became more popular and sales of 3D televisions increased however, 3D televisions are made before due to less attraction of public the idea dropped and it only applied in theaters.

The Three dimension technology has been revolutionizing entire service industry it has been used in gaming system, televisions, theaters and many more fields for the entertainment of audience but in future you will witness the use of 3D technology in every field and it will continue to expand as the price of gadgets will go lower for the user to experience more quality performance.

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