Best video players for android to download

Best Video Players for Android to Download

Presently Android smartphone is the best source of entertainment in our daily life. We can able to play videos, play music, games, etc. with the help of smartphone easily. So now we will only talk about to play videos in your smartphones using the best video player at all. In every phone, there remains one default video player installed from the factory during manufacturing time. But it is found that those players come up with very less number of features.
Best Video Players For Android To Download
Thus, remain became bored in using these default players on their smart phones. Now it’s the time to get know about some free download video players for Android. You need not pay any amount of money to install or download video player for Android smart phones. Most of the people download MX Player for their phone but there are many more players which you can download and use.
The list of players which we are going to discuss below is very much popular as the need for the user. Thus the recommendation of these best video player for Android 2017 is very much high for the Android user. You need to simply visit the Google Play before installing these video players. We will provide the official download link on each title name of the player and thus you will get it instantly on your phone.

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List and details of Video Players for Android:
So here we will mention the detail about each and every top video player app free download for Android. These Video Players are very much safe and secure to download on your smart phone. Let’s start to get know about them from the below points.
  • MX Player: At first, we will talk about MX Player which is only built for Android to provide the most useful features in playing videos. Still, now this player has been downloaded by millions of users on their phone. So this is one of the best popular players in for videos in Google Play. It supports the maximum number of video formats easily. Thus the user does not need to go for a secondary option for playing different videos. After inserting any media in your phone, it will automatically scan those media files and hence start to view in thumbnail mode on the player.
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  • VLC for Android: Almost all the user knows about the VLC media player. It is one of the best apps for streaming movies. So the developer team also introduced the media player for Android smart phones. The user can play most of the local video as well as the audio files also. A maximum number of codecs and format of videos are supported by this player without any extra download. Browse your local folders directly from the player and play videos instantly. More you can get to know while you install it on your phone.
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 Best video players for android to download
  • KM Player: As like the above-described video players, KM Player is also the best option for you. This player also comes under the top category of the video player for Android. There is ad get a pop up on your screen which using KP Player interface. It supports up to 30 languages with the HD video quality. The UI is also clean and clear for the hassle free operation. Click on the title to download this player once.
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  • BS Player: This is the latest video player for the latest version of Android smart phones. It provides the hardware accelerated video playback with reliable video playback speed. Supports for the USB OTG also like USB OTG helper, Nexus media importer etc. One thing you should need to know that BS player free version contains ads and the full version is totally free from ads. Both versions are easily available on Google Play.
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  • Video Player all format: From the 3gp videos to 4K resolution videos you can easily play in this player. So overall all the formats of videos are able to play very easily through this video player. It supports night mode, video casting, private folder, hardware acceleration etc. Thus this is one of the best video players for your Android to use.
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These are not the end as there are more video players available for your Android devices for free. Just you need to go to your Google Play store and hence you can download your best needful player from there. Downloading of any apps from the Google Play is very much safe for your mobile. As you will not get any types of viruses or bugs if you download any app from there. Hope all the user is satisfied with the content which we have described above for all the video players of Android for free to download.


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