Top 7 Popular Streaming Sites

Top 7 Popular Streaming Sites

 Top 7 popular streaming sites for movies
Today we are living in the era where streaming has become a trend more than watching TV. Previously there was a time when people watch their favorite TV Shows provided in TV by cable services. But those days are gone, as for now people always prefer to watch online videos. Since they can watch any favorite TV Shows at any moment they want, due to lack of time or busy schedule people can hardly watch the regular episode of the shows and latest movies. Speaking of the streaming websites there are lots of them that you can find on the internet. If you have no knowledge of the name of the most Popular Streaming Sites available today. Then we will help you to learn out the name of the websites with details information in this post.
Each streaming sites offer to you features like watching the trailers before watching movies, to make a good choice and avoid the chance of wasting item. Online movies or TV shows is the best way to kill your boredom. In this way, you can skip going to the theater and spend your holidays beautifully while you are home. Check out the complete list of the available best-streaming sites.

Lists of Popular Streaming Sites 2017:

1: FMovies

 FMOVIES - Popular streaming site
FMovies deserves the top position on the list of the popular streaming sites. It is well-maintained as the movies are arranged by its genre wise that includes action, thriller, and Sci-fi. Also, search movie or TV Show from the latest release to the most watched. FMovies also let you search movie from any country you wish to watch. In this site, you can stream any movies in absolutely high quality without any interruption from unwanted ads. Besides that, if you wish to download any movie or free TV shows you can do that as well along with the subtitles for free. Search engine to make easy search videos with simply entering the keywords.

2: Go Movies

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 Go Movies - Popular streaming site for movies
If you are looking for the website that offers you HD streaming video the GO Movies is the right pick. The online video library consists of different types of genre of music that is action, comedy, Sci-Fi, romantic, etc. The site offers to you a movie collection and of several countries that include South Korea, China, Taiwan, United Kingdom, etc. Also, check on the movie list of the Top IMDb to stream in clear video quality. Check movies list that is from A to Z and searches quickly by typing movie name in the search bar. When you are not able to find any of your favorite movies in Go Movies, be it old or latest then you can send a request on the website to make it available.     

3: Yes Movies

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 Yes Movies - Popular streaming site for movies
Watch your most favorite genre of movies be it action or adventure or comedy or drama. You can choose movies or TV shows video streaming by selecting country wise available videos. Never miss any single episode of the latest TV series by streaming them in Yes Movies. When you are having difficulties to pick movies to watch then go for the top rated IMDB TV serial or movies. Not only that, also you can read movies based on the latest movies and lots more. Make a quick search in the search engine, to find out the movies if you are not able to find it in Yes Movies.

4: Putlockers 2

 Putlockers 2 - Popular streaming site for movies
Putlockers 2 allow you to stream in HD or you can simply download into HD quality. Check on the list of more than thousands of movies and stream them at any time you want. The movie video files consist of different genres that include Action, Comedy, Crime, and Sci-Fi. Watch your favorite TV Series for free all you need is an active internet connection. Also, the users of the Putlockers 2 website can look for videos by year wise. Send a movie request which you could not find on the site to stream, later on, it will be added within a few days.

5: 123 Movies

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 123 Movies - Popular streaming site for movies
123 Movies feature the top viewed movies, most favorite, and top rated streaming videos. Search for the favorite movies in the website and stream in HD quality. Just like many other popular streaming sites in the list, it allows you to send a movie request. Check on the movie year wise that has been released in this recent years. Also, stream latest movies or TV shows from the countries of the United States, Korea, China and Taiwan, into the website of 123 movies.      

6: C Movies HD

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 C Movies - Popular streaming site for movies
C Movies HD brings all the entertainment that you seek, search for any movies by entering movies name or making the quick search of TV Shows. Watch your favorite movies online without even downloading their files at high-quality picture. The site offers A to Z movie list, top rated IMDb movies, country wise and year selection movies. Stream all the available videos of movies and TV Series into HD quality.     

7: House Movie

C:\Users\sony\Desktop\House Movie.JPG
House Movies - Popular streaming site for movies
House Movie is among the popular site that is well-designed with cool layout and user-interface. The videos are categorized into three different parts that are movies and serials and genre wise. One can also read the articles that are based on the latest movies and upcoming releases. Check on the trailers of the new movies and serials that are about to be released. It is the best choice to visit and stream movies or watch TV series at the free time.     

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One must create their account to either watch or stream the movies online in these popular streaming sites. Enjoy your favorite TV shows by not missing out even a single episode on any of these above-mentioned sites. The streaming video quality is available into HD quality like 1080p, 720p and 480p low quality. Search any movies you want from latest to old one movie and TV Shows as well. And there are charges taken for watching online videos form the list of these sites, but make sure you have fast internet connectivity on your PC.    


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