Google Home - Complete Review

Google Home: Complete Review:

 Google Home - Complete Review
Google has made its name for its search engines. Recently, Google has launched Google Home smart speaker. The speaker has been much awaited by Google fans and customers around the world. After Amazon Echo, now welcome the Google Home. Home can be defined as the minimalist’s dream come true. Its modern design fits well with any modern home.

Google Home can be defined as the voice-activated, Internet-connected home speaker which can help you in playing music, control smart gadgets at home, deliver personalized information from Google services, and give solutions to questions asked. There are lots of Android Apps that support the Google Home. The speaker is a phenomenon produced by the company, and its secret is the AI-powered Google Assistant that offers conversational replies to your queries that are contextual.

Google has described its new Home speakers as a hands-free smart speaker.  The device is a wildly intelligent and versatile. The Google Home is evolving fast to compete with Amazon Echo. It would still need to integrate with Google’s own services. But, there is real potential for this product. The product comes with a customizable base, six-month YouTube Red trial version, a massive song library, and an extensive hardware system.

The key features of Google Home:

 Google Home Complete Review


If you are a minimalist, the Google Home is the perfect accessories for your home. The Home looks like air fresheners. Its angled cylindrical top and round base give it a modern look. Home has a removable base and comes with seven different color options. The design and color can go with any surrounding.  It can be placed anywhere in the house like the kitchen or the bathroom. Google Home is equipped with a mic that is not switched on as long as the device has power and it isn’t muted. However, you can mute it if needed. It listens to words for it to wake like “OK Google” or “Hey Google” the same which your android smartphone uses. Once you get the system woken, you can send any request to its servers. The Google servers interpret these messages and send back replies and responses.


Google Home supports four music services in the US like Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and Pandora. However, only Google Play Music and Spotify are available in the UK. You can set up all these up in the Home app. Once you are done with the initial adjustments, you can ask Home to play a particular song, artist or album. With Google Home, you can play, pause, and adjust the volume without getting up from your place. Home support multi-room audio, unlike the Amazon Echo. Google’s Assistant is smarter than the Amazon Echo.

TV Smarts:

Home has one of the most impressive party tricks that it can play with Google Chromecast devices. You can easily fire up YouTube videos and Netflix on the big screen by hooking up your TV with the Chromecast. Google's search skills are used to the max and Home can easily play a trailer or movie on request.

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