5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know

5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know

5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know
Every business needs exposure to succeed. The wider your reach is, the faster your business will grow. One of the best ways to get that exposure is to devise an effective social media marketing strategy since social media is practically everywhere these days.

On an average, the general person spends more than three hours every day on various social networks. But social media marketing is very different from your casual everyday social media management, given that you're doing it for commercial purposes. Therefore, there are certain practices of social media marketing which you need to follow to hit the bull's eye. Wondering what we're talking about? Don't worry. It isn't a piece of cake, but it isn't difficult either, as long as you follow these five best practices for social media marketing:

1. Set a definite goal

Set a goal
Before you bring the marketing campaign to action, you need to plan it well. You should set a definite goal for your social media campaign. This goal will help you design a workflow that can be analyzed every now and then.

Your strategy needs to be more than just an aesthetic feed and lots of likes. You need to ensure that every bit of content that you share on social media takes you closer to your goal. To get you started, here are some common strategic social media marketing goals:

  • Building Brand Awareness: Create a vast awareness of your company's name, with a positive perception of your products and services.
  • Gaining Customers: Try to attract as much traffic as you can to your company's social media network.
  • Strengthening Customer Service: Keep engaging with your customers and followers on social media.

2. Picking the Right Social Media Networks

In order to save time and resources, you need to make smart choices. Managing selected social media networks instead of all of them will save your time as well as resources.

Always keep an eye on your target customer and their social networks, to find out which networks will be the best choice for your company. Shortlisting a few networks will help you save you more time to plan the best content for the right followers. You should use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to share your content.

3. Branding

Your company's branding plays a vital role in its marketing. You should plan the branding in such a way that company has a uniform identity across all social media networks.This will strengthen your brand's social identity, awareness, and loyalty. The following things can help you with branding -

  • Logo & Tagline - Your logo is the most important visual identity for your brand. You need to have an attractive logo which will draw your customers towards the brand. Also get a catchy tagline, and use it everywhere (and try to use it in conjunction with your logo).
  • Imagery - Graphic designs and photos also come under marketing visuals which will leave an impact on your consumers. Your social media pages on networks like Instagram, Facebook, etc will look more attractive and informative with images; use the same images across all social networks to maintain a constant image of your brand.
  • Company Description - Your company needs a short, informative, and catchy about us description for all your pages. Do not make it very lengthy; the audience should be able to immediately understand what your company can do for them. Also, add your website in this description across all platforms.
  • Tone & Voice - What is your brand's aura, and what tone of language do you use to connect with your audience? You should consider these things to ensure that your brand develops a connection with your audience just through social media.

4. Content Quality Over Quantity

Content Quality
There is more competition on social media than you can ever comprehend with. To make sure that your website and blog stand out, you'll have to focus on sharing high-quality content on social media that is relatable for your customers. Ideally, your social media should have a variety of various types of content, like Promotional content, Thought leadership content, contact that engages with the audience, etc.

5. Keep an eye on analytics

Keep an eye on Analytics
Keep track of your brand's social media analytics regularly. Analytics provide important data that is helpful in achieving your goals & objectives. You can use a good Social Media Automation tool like HootSuite, Buffer, or by using the inbuilt analytics tools that the social network may offer.

It is important to keep in mind that social media keeps radically changing; stay updated with trends that will suit your marketing.

These were the best strategies to expand your business on social media. There are lots of other options as well, and you need to read more about social media strategies.

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