Tips to stay safe while using internet

The Internet is a breakthrough of the recent decade. Who doesn’t use the internet? We all do! Whenever we seek information on anything such as side effects of a medicine, specification of a smartphone, directions to a location, etc. internet is our bridge to our destination. But the fact that majority of the users use the internet creates an attraction for the hackers as well. Through decades, these people have existed, and there seems to be no end to these prying eyes.
Tips to stay safe using the internet
But where is something good, there would always a twist in the story. You can’t eliminate these hackers from doing anything suspicious, but you definitely can reduce their chances.

Internet safety tips for everyone:

Internet safety tips for everyone

Restrict your visits to suspicious sites

Try not to visit any site that seems suspicious. Your browser may warn you from accessing these sites which is the biggest hint for you stop and don’t proceed any further. But not all browsers have this option so here comes your expertise of judges. You can set criteria to judge whether a site is safe or not. For example, is the site on the first page of Google? What are others users saying about it? Does the URL begin with https? Etc.

Lookout for malicious advertisements and spam

As discussed earlier, the browser won’t protect you at all times as on many occasions; you would have to judge what’s in your favor and what isn’t. For example, if you receive a spam email (from a friend you haven’t talked to in years), heads up, discard it. Similarly, if a popup shows up saying ‘Congratulations, you’ve won a trip to Maldives’ ignore it. Just utilize your common sense, and you’re good to go.

Limit your social activities

Too much of anything is poison and so is the case here when one shares photos, videos, phone numbers, addresses, etc. many users forget the fact that anyone can find anything about you through your social media account and your privacy goes at stake where someone you don’t know finds out everything about you. Hence, limit your online activity to make sure nobody knows what you’re doing (whether on vacations, or a movie night out).

Install updates regularly

This option is a hassle but proves to be effective in the long run. Know why? Black hats keep on finding ways to pollute your system and steal your information. For this reason, OS developers create and launch improved tools to fight against such threats. Hence, these updates are vital. But if you do not install updates regularly, you might end up with the loss. For safe side, we recommend you to do it.

Make use of out of security applications 

A security software seems an adequate idea through which data can be prevented from being a complete loss. These apps like social media vault prevent all sorts of threats while you surf the internet with completes peace of mind.

Use a good firewall

These are virtual barriers that prevent any unauthorized access to your tablets, phones, PCs, etc. Installing a firewall is a reliable option to keep your device safe and network secure. These firewalls provide you multiple ways of hiding your IP address as they are compatible with different types of security software(s).

Use passwords for phone and computers

This helps you to prevent anyone logging in through the easiest means (when you leave your device on unattended) as an open screen is prone to all sorts of threats. Putting a locked screen on your device is a smart way of having complete peace of mind knowing that there is something behind your back keeping you safe.

Keep your passwords confidential

While accessing your bank accounts online, try closing all other tabs and untrusted websites as there always exists a threat where these hackers may gain access to your account without your consent. In addition, never ever consider giving your password to anyone an option as once you give your password up, all your money can be lost within seconds.

Use a nickname

Socializing is an addiction; there is no argument in that. But too much of anything is poison. We recommend you to keep up with your socializing activities but try to go the other way around. For example, the main threat of using social media accounts is that you lose your privacy as everything or anything that comes in connection with your profile may or may not get monitored. Hence to avoid this threat, try using a nickname to access all your social media activities and stay in the perfect stealth mode. Again it’s not easy to pretend to be someone else and yet communicate with the same lot of friends but it sure does restrict the prying eyes from gaining any information about you or anything around you.

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