DesignEvo Review - A Free Site/App for Making Logos

From a small soft drink brand to some huge business organization or even any famous channel at television, we always see so much of various logos for everything. Even, we recognize our daily use objects just by having a look at the logos. Every company, group or brand has a name to call. But it doesn't looks quite enough.
DesignEvo Review
So, it's a logo which makes something more interesting than it was. It is said that our mind recognize faces or images quickly compared to a name just like when you meet with an old friend, the first thing you recognize is the face, and then only you'll remember the name of the guy. If there's a small f in a blue background, it'll make you remember about Facebook, doesn't it.

Anyway, coming to the point, Logos are interesting and you should've wondered about 'how to make a logo?' or from where should I make a logo. And that's the reason you're over here. You always need a website or an app which gives you tools and designs for making logos . The "DesignEvo" is one such site for making stylish logos. You can also download DesignEvo Logo Making App from Google Play Store for Free.
DesignEvo Logo Making Site
DesignEvo is free online logo maker which has 4000+ built-in templates. You can easily edit the Font Size, Spacing between characters, and the colors of your logo.

DesignEvo Features

DesignEvo Logo Maker Features
  • Free to use Templates
  • You can add - Badges, Lines, and Shapes for decoration
  • Bold, Traditional, Handwriting and other Font Styles
  • Easily adjust the font size, color, spacing, alignment, opacity, etc.
  • Change Color
  • Customize background colors
  • Undo/redo options are available for easy editing
  • Easily resize and rotate objects
  • You can save your logo as JPG, PNG or transparent PNG images.

Easily create your Logo with DesignEvo Android App

DesignEvo App
Just go to Google Play Store and Download the DesignEvo app. After installing, tap on the app icon and it will take you to the templates. You can choose from Abstract, Art, Environment, Animal, Technology, Fashion, Food, Business, and much more. After selecting the suitable template, you can start editing it.

The options are located beneath the display - Text, Graphic and Background. To place a text or statement, use the text option and drag it to your preferred location. You can make use of options like Bold, Italic and Fonts to maximize the beauty of the logo. The best thing that I liked about DesignEvo is that it enables you to place your Text in Curved Format.

Using the built-in tools, you can adjust the opacity of the text/logo. There are lots of graphics available - Solid shapes, outline shapes, lines, badges, banners, Decoration, etc. While creating your logo, you can easily use the Undo/Redo options if you deleted something by mistake. The background option helps you to change the color of the text or icons placed.
DesignEvo Logo Editing
When you complete your logo, then you can save it in the formats like JPG, PNG and Transparent PNG.

The store option in the app is used to purchase premium templates  If you want to have more unique templates, you can buy them from the store.

DesignEvo Review - Conclusion

We had covered almost all the features of DesignEvo logo maker. After spending an hour with its Android App, we got surprised. The app is very simple to use. The app can be used on any Android phone or tablet. We checked the popular templates and the Text styles. Everything is fine. You might had heard about Canva, Desygner, and other popular logo making softwares. DesignEvo is one of them.

We really liked the Simplicity and the Advance Customization options of DesignEvo. It is a simple & marvellous online logo maker. You must try this logo making app.

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